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Corporate Restructuring

Corporate restructuring is a strategic and proactive process undertaken by companies to realign their organizational structure, assets, and operations with the objective of improving efficiency, competitiveness, and financial performance. This dynamic practice is vital for businesses to adapt to changing market conditions, seize growth opportunities, and enhance overall shareholder value.


In the dynamic landscape of business, organizations must continually adapt to various challenges – be it competition, regulations, operations, or financial pressures. In such situations, restructuring the business becomes essential to address legacy issues and capitalize on future opportunities.


The team at A Saraswat & Associates is committed to providing hands-on financial, operational, and strategic restructuring options. We assist healthy companies in strengthening their position and struggling businesses in regaining their stability. Our advisory services cater to companies, creditors, and equity sponsors, offering quick assessments, issue identification, examination of options, and realignment of capital structures to align with growth objectives.

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